Batters Up

22 Mar

Currently I am excited about all things digital as they relate to the physical. I am not sure that even makes sense, but if you would allow me to elaborate- The world is quickly becoming sensorized with a boat load of data feeding back into the “system”, I think it will be a virtuous cycle for those smart enough to make sense of it all. I should refine that, it will be a virtuous cycle for all humans, but particularly lucrative for those pioneer entrepreneurs.

To give you an example, if I could bet the house on MIT’s Digital Media Lab, I would because there a bunch of nerds who get “it”. An example of something I love, and since this is my first post, will probably soon after fold, is the crazy MIT Copenhagen Wheel.

First of all- nice design work. The aesthetics really jump! Great contrast between the red wheel and white bike…I like.  Here is a teaser video regarding the bike: The Copenhagen Wheel – Teaser. The hybrid smart electric bike, generates power from braking and allows you to use it for hills and other annoying obstacles (think mountains). The smart phone integration allows you to share routes, check traffic and stop me if I am going out on the limb here- get discounts to shops nearby.

I am also fascinated with South Korea’s ongoing development, in conjunction with Cisco, of Songdo. A super connected city built from scratch. For more visit the link-

Songdo, Korea (somewhere hidden by stealth in North Korean territory)

I am more fascinated by the application of Cisco’s and others (IBM is heavily invested in this field, I believe they just “wired” RIO) technology to exisiting cities…because for gut tells me Songdo won’t have much of thang called culture -although I am willing to admit I could be fantastically wrong on this…the Korean’s are way undervalued in my opinion. Exit a plane in Seoul and you will get what I am talking about. I love the diversity of NYC, the uppity (I mean historic)  West Village contrasting with the nitty gritty East Village and even slimier (but rapidly gentrifying) LES. I know there’s a temptation to think simply adding thousands of sensors to a city will instantly make everything you ever dreamed of possible. For a good post on this topic check out

“Here’s the thing. Data, big, medium or small, has no value in and of itself. The value of data is unlocked through context and presentation.”

I think smart applications, like the MIT mouse trap bike wheel will be where we see connected value… particularly to a “bike” friendly city like NYC. Where cabbies always give you the right of way…and people never open cab doors while the cab is moving…and I never slam into them and twist my entire frame and front wheel. It was fun I have to admit. Although hey…It could be worse

Try crossing the street in Hanoi 🙂

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