Khan Academy (Raising Capital)

23 Mar

The Khan Academy ( is a great resource for entrepreneurs looking to understand the process of raising capital- from family and friends on up to venture capital. I have listed a few of the video’s in the Venture Capital section, but you really should explore the site.  Khan started teaching his niece, who was living in a different state, calculus by creating mini youtube videos. He made the videos public and soon realized others found the videos helpful. He decided to leave his job at a hedge fund (so you can bet his financial videos are thorough) and started Khan Academy to devote all of his resources toward creating educational videos. By far the best part about this is Khan himself- he has a very witty sense of humor and I get a kick out of listening to the various inflections in his voice.  If only you could see his face during the videos, I bet he’s cracking himself up. Why not right?

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