Meditation for start-ups?

26 Mar

Who knew… a recent forbes article documents the benefits of meditation to entrepreneurs.

I have been meditating here in Buffalo for the last few months with my spiritual guru Sandra- she has trained under monks in Tibet and the great Dali Lama himself. It is pretty amazing the high you can get when your in the zone meditating, very akin to a runners high. I get the sensation that endorphin’s are being released. On our first session, Sandra pulled one over on me- she said we will be meditating for 5 minuets and to close my eyes and begin. When time came she said slowly open your eyes and then asked me how long I thought it had been. I assumed it was around 5 minuets, but it had been close to a half hour!  It’s really hard to believe, but I somehow lost track of time…and was completely blown away by how long it had been.

I look forward to continuing my weekly sessions  and suggest it to anyone who is interested in relaxation techniques and cognitive enhancement.  I am going to ask our newest adviser at OnCore Golf, Jeff Herold, who has built one of the most successful businesses in the industry (Club Glove), if he would be willing to share his experience with meditation.

On a recent trip to Catalina Island, he claimed meditation changed his life. I was hoping for the better because this landing was no joke and Jeff was flying the plane.

Jeff and Me

So as you can imagine,  I am curious to get a more in depth look into what he’s talking about and plan on sharing his story with you soon.

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