Powerful Metaphors

5 Apr

Below is an excerpt from an article I read a few days  ago that really resonated!

9th Minute: Stretch your mind!

Think of a metaphor that will inspire you today. Comprise a list of metaphors to pick from each day. Think of your metaphor as your daily mascot to keep you in check! Example:  One powerful metaphor is that of the sunflower. A sunflower is big, bold, loves lightness and with enough light grows rapidly and robustly. It reminds us that if we keep thinking positively, we will flourish!

I am trying to match my daily metaphors with the starting letter of the day (good mnemonic device!).  Yesterday, Wednesday, I was a Wacky Whale- powerful, graceful, adventurous and peaceful . Today is Thursday and I am a Tiger– strong, agile, adaptable, and free.  And lets not forget its the start of Masters Week…Go Tiger!

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