Meditation Is Cumulative

13 Apr

I have great guest post today from Club Glove’s founder Jeff Herold. Jeff is a strategic adviser to my company OnCore Golf and his insights on meditation and the applications to business are phenominal. Having just started meditating myself, I found Jeff’s advice to be spot on. Live from Huntington Beach, California, it’s Jeff Herold!

Meditation is cumulative

With the everyday stresses of running a business, meditation is a must. People sometimes ask me, “How do you meditate?” I tell them, there is no right way or wrong way. Simply sit in a chair in a comfortable position, close your eyes, take a couple of deeps breaths if you prefer and just relax. For most of us entrepreneurial types this simply opens the mind to a thousand new ideas right? Well, if that’s what happens, that is ok. You have to start somewhere, just like beginning a new work out routine. And just like a new work out routine you don’t want start with the heaviest weights, the highest level of cross training, or even an advanced yoga class for that matter.

By starting small, perhaps 5 minutes per session twice a day, you may find your quiet time increasing. Do not try to go anywhere or become anything during meditation. Don’t let all the thoughts racing through your mind disturb you. You may be filtering them. Just relax and get in touch with your inner self. You will know when things settle in naturally and effortlessly. Note how you feel when you are done. No meditation session is a bad one. And just like a new workout routine, you must stay committed. This is why it is best to start slow and let your sessions grow naturally.

I now meditate 3 times a day for about 20 minutes per session and many go longer. How did I find the time? Like a workout, I forced myself to take the time. When it becomes more natural, you will find yourself meditating at any opportune time, like waiting at a doctor or dentist office, flying on an airline, or simply in your car while waiting to meet a friend or family member. Remember, you can meditate for seconds, minutes, or hours. There is no rule.

Though meditation does not make the battles of business go away, it does make them more manageable. I have found myself to have more patience and understanding thanks to the calming effects of meditation. My associates here have noticed a difference in me when handling high stress situations. Does it make you a Saint during all the craziness? Well whether it does or not if you are one step closer to calm rational thinking, would that not be a benefit to your career?

Try it for 6 months. You may just get hooked and change your life. It changed mine.

Thanks for this Jeff!

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