Double Down…or lay the Fu*k Down

19 Apr

Trying to raise capital as an entrepreneur can be extraordinarily frustrating.  It is often hard to imagine how other people can not see your vision and the feeling of rejection grows with each pass. Often times you deal with investors who don’t even have the decency to be real with you and explain why they’re not interested- Just ignore them…honestly these are not people you want investing in your business- plain and simple. This brings me to a great post by Seth Godin, where he touches on how to buy /invest with integrity.

The alternative is to respect and to communicate. After all, you’re here to buy (replace “buy” with invest in) something–I’m guessing that’s because you think it’s worth something more than you’re willing to pay for it. So value the judgment and taste of the seller. Be clear about what you like about it, be honest about the value that’s been created. Even better, instead of coming in high and then figuring out ways to bully and lower your offer, come in low and enjoy the process of bidding it up, making the seller root for you and look forward to hearing from you. (This is particularly useful when making an investment where you want management to be happy with you after the deal is done).

Seth’s post is great advice for everyone involved in purchasing something. Do it with respect for the seller and you will invariably get more referrals and better deals.

If I could pontificate on my clearly articulated title (Double Down…or lay the Fu*k Down)  for a moment; you reach a point where no money has come in, no outside validation for your dream, product, or idea. You are at a point where 3 choices become apparent;

1) A need to pivot- adapt/modify your idea

2) Give up on your company

3) Double down..where going to Vegas baby!

Ask yourself where does my company stand today? By asking you start the process of discovery and can begin to chart the best course forward. Good luck!

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