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The Path of Least Resistance

28 Jun

I am always amazed at the self imposed roadblocks we entrepreneurs erect. These roadblocks can take many forms but all serve the same purpose- they prevent a majority of potential customers from becoming customers.

The human brain is engineered to do things, tasks, purchases as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Now,  I am not making the case that we do things rationally….that’s a whole other topic. For proof of how little time we have to capture customers, take a look at your website statistics, you may be surprised how little time people spend browsing all that content you labored over (usually less than 30 seconds).

Ever call a company looking to purchase something and the automated system makes you listen to all the different departments ahead of sales? That’s a major roadblock! We want simple, streamlined, access to your products and ideas.

Add an additional step or two and you just lost my sale…Think about your business from the customers standpoint…have you done everything possible to streamline the point of sale? Given that the avg debt per American is 20k, this may be a mute point, but for start-ups trying to gain traction- its worth thinking about! Cheers


Anonymous Inspiration

26 Jun


24 Jun

Very fitting given my last post


“Winning isn’t getting ahead of others. It’s getting ahead of yourself.”
—Roger Staubach

Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!

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Deepak Chopra

24 Jun


I will see everyone as I see myself.

This affirmation is about perception. After saying this affirmation, ponder it for a moment. People are different in many ways that can’t be denied. We look different; we have different tastes and backgrounds. If you focus on differences, as the ego does, you can’t escape the tendency to feel better or worse than someone else. This is the game of comparison, and comparison always leads to judgment. Yet without trying to erase any differences you don’t have to play the game of comparison. Permit everyone to have what you have: wholeness. See with the eyes of your true self and know that if you are complete, everyone else must also be complete.  Deepak Chopra

Tiny Habits Rock!

20 Jun

Tiny Habits are changing my life! I suggest you check this straightforward and simple behavioral system out

Designed by Stanford professor BJ Fogg, the idea is to add tiny behaviors to your life on a daily basis by reinforcing them with “anchors” or “trigger” events. These are events, habits and activities  which you already do every day. Have a coffee everyday? If so maybe tie in your first cup of the day with the thought “today is going to be a phenomenal day!” I use my caffeine habit to remind me to learn a new Italian word every day.  It works! trust me and follow BJ Fogs’s system…its free.

Greg Liberto, of Indare Golf, already started on the applications for struggling golfers;

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BJ Fogg

Loving It

20 Jun



Bob is a fellow toastmaster and was kind enough to give me a copy of his guide to writing an e-book in 7 days! I will update my loyal readers as soon as I work through the book.

Summer Reading

20 Jun