Tiny Habits Rock!

20 Jun

Tiny Habits are changing my life! I suggest you check this straightforward and simple behavioral system out http://tinyhabits.com/

Designed by Stanford professor BJ Fogg, the idea is to add tiny behaviors to your life on a daily basis by reinforcing them with “anchors” or “trigger” events. These are events, habits and activities  which you already do every day. Have a coffee everyday? If so maybe tie in your first cup of the day with the thought “today is going to be a phenomenal day!” I use my caffeine habit to remind me to learn a new Italian word every day.  It works! trust me and follow BJ Fogs’s system…its free.

Greg Liberto, of Indare Golf, already started on the applications for struggling golfers; http://indaregolf.com/blog/blog-posts/wicked/

Pasted Graphic

BJ Fogg

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