Explosive Ideas

4 Jul

Happy 4th of July!

Musings from “The Innovators Cookbook” by Steven Johnson. Put yourself in the center of a vortex, one filled with diverse people and ideas…you will be surprised by how creative you truely can be;

Great Ideas often come from unexpected places

Case Example #1- Aravind Eye Hospital in India. Dr. Venkataswamy comes to America, he visits the Mcdonald’s Hamburger University in the U.S, and gets a view into their operational efficiency and he say’s “I wonder what the McDonald’s of healthcare is.”

And so this is very far afield from health care by definition. But he’s sitting in a fast food restraunt and he cross pollinates across national boundries, across industries, come up with the Aravind Eye Hospital and it’s an amazing place. They’ve done something like a million cataract surgeries at an average cost of twenty dollars. And they’ve got heath care outcomes competitive with the U.S. companies.

Case Example #2- a doc from the emergency room going to watch the pit crew at the Indianapolis 500. He’s actually with a group of docs, and they’re initially thinking they have nothing to learn from people with grease under their fingernails- but in fact, while they’re there they notice that when the guys jump over the wall to service the race cars, they have everything at their fingertips. Each person knows exactly what their job is, and each person has all their tools, all their materials, all their supplies right there at arms length or in pockets, ready to go.
And one of the docs says, “Hey, I work in a business where seconds matter, too, and I don’t have that. I see somebody with something major, arterial bleeding, I still got to send people to get the piece parts, you know, get me three of those and two of those and whatever.” So one of the docs says he was going to start pre-kitting stuff right away, that he was going to have on hand, right at his fingertips, some of the things that he was going to need.
Be bold and enjoy your independence 🙂

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