Listening Skills

17 Jul

Osman Rashid, founder of Chegg, discusses what he looks for in a new hire;

Rashid: I look for things like, do people speak more than they listen? If I say something to them, how much did they retain of what I asked? I think one of the fundamental problems with most people is that they speak too much and they don’t listen enough. Unless you are listening, you are not going to solve a problem.

source-  “Venture Capitalists at Work”.

I have to agree with Rashid. I think listening skills are one of the most underrated and undervalued skills in a person. In finance, and the broader world of business, the culture is such that the person talking with a sense of authority must be right. Often times, it’s the understated comment from the intern in the corner, that’s spot on!  Every now and again, if you find yourself with too much “food on your plate,” take a breath, and pretend to be a fly on the wall- observe, listen, take it all in!

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