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iCaddy, do you?

13 Nov

David Grieshaber, the inventor behind iCaddy,  has a truly unparalleled vision for golf. His app for google glass is going to make golfers around the world rejoice. A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this vein, check out what your view from Glass would entail while running the iCaddy app;

iCaddy View

Not only will you get the yardage in the convenience of your glasses, but the system will recommend a club for you too! The app will have a tournament mode to comply with the USGA, and will feature video capabilities. Can you imagine watching golf at home on your TV, live from Tiger’s point of view? This is going to change the way we watch golf, and all sports for that matter.

Check out the promo video here to see more neat features ;

His website can be found here-