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Your Brain Is Hooked on Being Right

1 Mar

“That’s partly due to another neurochemical process. When you argue and win, your brain floods with different hormones: adrenaline and dopamine, which makes you feel good, dominant, even invincible. It’s a the feeling any of us would want to replicate. So the next time we’re in a tense situation, we fight again. We get addicted to being right.

I’ve coached dozens of incredibly successful leaders who suffer from this addiction. They are extremely good at fighting for their point of view (which is indeed often right) yet they are completely unaware of the dampening impact that behavior has on the people around them. If one person is getting high off his or her dominance, others are being drummed into submission, experiencing the fight, flight, freeze or appease response I described before, which diminishes their collaborative impulses.”


Dream Big

4 May

Turning an idea into a reality is a high like no other…Bach’s prelude # 1 ¬†will help get you there…

Miles Davis

30 Apr

I always loved Miles Davis! Maybe its the former trumpetier in me.  Here is a great quote of his;

“Music is not about standing still and becoming safe.”

Or to put it another way….If you’re not evolving, you’re dissolving!