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Malcolm Gladwell @UB

14 Nov

Last night I had the pleasure of  listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s talk as part of the University of Buffalo’s Distinguished Speakers Series. Malcolm is no doubt a gifted and entertaining speaker. If you get a chance, I recommend you read his latest book, David and Goliath. The book deals with underdog success stories and shows you how to overcome stacked odds. The interesting part of the story is that David type victories happen more than we think. They happen when the underdog chooses to fight unconventionally. If David fought Goliath with a sword he would have been killed instantly, instead he fought with a sling that was quite powerful against the immobile Goliath. Gladwell cites research from Toft, a political scientist who tallied up all the wars over the last 200 years between large and small countries (where large means 10x population and 10x military might). He found small countries, who fought unconventionally (Guerilla warfare) won 60% of the time.  This is really intriguing and to put it in perspective, if The US fought Canada (US has roughly 10x the population of Canada), and Canada fought unconventionally…history would suggest you put your money on Canada. Sounds nuts, I know, but think about how the Vietcong defeated us….


Malcolm Gladwell UB

University of Buffalo

University of Buffalo



14 Mar


Your business may depend on it!

TED Fellow – Ed Ou

17 Jan




Excerpt from TED Fellow interview;

Even when you photograph harrowing subject matter, your images are visually very artistic. How do you balance aesthetics and narrative when you’re reporting on a story?

The perfect photo has the ability to take a singular moment and make viewers connect with the people in the frame. We live in a world where we are inundated by imagery, but strong photography balances aesthetics with storytelling value, which gives us information but draws us in to ask more questions. While we may come from different cultures, speak different languages and practice different religions, at end of the day, we are all human. So wherever I make photographs, I try to find moments that show not what makes us different, but universal moments that anybody can relate to, regardless of background. In my storytelling, I try to spend time building intimacy with subjects so the essence of their characters, their hopes, dreams, or flaws and insecurities come out — so they become the ones who are telling their own stories.
For an interesting exercise…replace the word’s photo /photography with product/s in the above quote and re-read.

Shrewd Investing

12 Jan

“Theater thrives on uncertainty. Wherever risks are hard to measure or their consequences hard to predict, appearance can be easier to manage than reality. Reducing uncertainty and exposing gaps between appearance and reality are among the main missions of science.”

Excerpt From: Brockman, John. “This Will Make You Smarter.” HarperCollins, 2012-02-01. iBooks.
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Inspiration via Mother Nature

10 Dec

Giant sequoia tree


“It has a name, the President, bestowed about 90 years ago by admiring humans. It’s a giant sequoia, one of several surviving species of redwoods.” National Geographic

If you ever get out to California, make sure you see the redwoods! Absolutely incredible…this tree is 27 feet in diameter,  over 3000 years old, has a height exceeding 200 feet-  not to mention its thought to hold around 2 billion leaves!

Legacy Mindset

8 Nov


Tom Korologos, an adviser to every Republican President from Nixon to George W. Bush, told the Reagan White House that the second term should be viewed from the standpoint of the President’s intended legacy.

“It seems to me that the President needs to decide what his legacy is going to be,” Korologos wrote on January 24, 1985, a few days after Reagan’s second inaugural. “What is he going to be the most proud of when he’s sitting at the ranch with Nancy four and five years after his Presidency? Is it going to be an arms control agreement? Is it going to be a balanced budget? Is it going to be world-wide economic recovery? Is it going to be a combination of all of this: peace and prosperity? . . . Every speech; every appearance; every foreign trip; every congressional phone call and every act involving the President should be made with the long-range goal in mind.”

Wise words to President Obama and all the great Entrepreneurs out there





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Expression not Impression

6 Nov

While we all strive to make good impressions on one another, the mindset adopted to achieve this end can actually be counter-productive . Over thinking what we are saying, and how others are interpreting it, will work to suppress our “natural” character and expressions. Great video here by Alex titled “How to Stop Caring What People Think”, I suggest watching it, some good nuggets of advice to those of us overly concerned with what others think.