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The Power of Habit

15 Nov

Enjoying my latest book, The Power of Habit- why we do what we do in life and business. Claude Hopkins is mentioned early on and is best known for a series of rules he created on how to initiate new habits in consumers. He found that in order to induce consumption of a new product you needed a cue, or trigger, that would induce the particular behavior, and lead to a reward. Take Pepsodent- the first successful toothpaste, which a friend of Claude’s convinced him to help market. Claude read up on dental hygiene, which was a foreign concept to most americans at the beginning of the early 20th century. He found a reference to the natural build up of mucin plaques on teeth, which he dubbed “the film”. The toothpaste would be advertised as a creator of beauty by removing this cloudy film.   Simply  run your tongue across your teeth, was the trigger that drilled home the necessity of brushing one’s teeth. The reward was beautiful teeth. Simple and brilliant!

Cue —- Routine —- Reward

This is the Habit Loop. Cue (run your tongue over your teeth), Routine (brush your teeth, with Pepsodent of course) and Reward (beautiful teeth).


I highly recommend this book.