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Buffalo’s own Chris Sacca

28 Sep

Great interview with Chris Sacca- Angel Investor extraordinaire who grew up in Lockport, NY. I saw Chris speak a few weeks ago in Downtown Buffalo at Z80 labs. He is a world class hustler and had some amazing stories to share, most of which he recounts in the video linked above.  Enjoy


Cambridge Nights

5 Sep

Some great video content on this site from a diverse group of experts

Cambridge Nights is a modest attempt to share bits and pieces of Cambridge with the rest of the world. In this first season, we have put together a series of interviews with academics who will discuss the way in which they view the world.

How to be a Technology Innovator without an Engineering degree or Aspergers

16 Jul

This is one of my favorite TED talks- hands down! Meredith Perry is an inspiration for all of us crazy entrepreneurs and wanna-be-prenuers stupid enough to make a go at it 🙂

Listen to Meredith’s talk about her start-up uBeam- Over-The-Air wireless power- you will not regret it.